Why NCD is STILL the safest, best liquid zeolite

Waiora’s response to recent Natural News rants against all zeolites, and why Natural Cellular Defense purified, activated liquid zeolite is safe and effective:

From Rik Deitsch, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for Waiora:

In response to a recent article on the Internet site Natural News that has raised questions about the safety of zeolites, I wanted you to hear from me as it relates to any concerns you may have.

First of all, the author of the article, Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews.com, only studied powdered zeolites. Natural Cellular Defense was not evaluated.

It should not have come as a surprise to him that the zeolites contained Aluminum. ALL zeolites contain aluminum by definition – zeolites are “aluminosilicates”. Their only constituents are Aluminum, Silica and Oxygen. The aluminum in the cage structure of the zeolite is non-exchangeable. This means that it is not available to be absorbed by the body and cannot contribute to aluminum toxicity. In his study, he used a strong acid to destroy the zeolite in order to enumerate all of the constituents. This freed up all of the aluminum to be tested. That NEVER happens in the human body – the zeolite cage is stable and remains intact throughout the entire digestive cycle and can be recaptured – unchanged in urine and fecal matter.

In zeolite products that do not undergo a cleansing or “activation” process, you will always find excess heavy metals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). That’s because zeolites in nature pull these toxins from the environment and from their surroundings. Many companies utilize different cleansing processes to remove the contaminants. As an example, Megamins utilized tribomechanical activation; where they use mechanical activity to sift the zeolite into different purity states by weight and particle size. For Natural Cellular Defense, we use a heat/acid process that burns off the VOCs and precipitates out the extraneous heavy metals. This provides a pure zeolite product with some Calcium and Magnesium added for stability. There will always be very low levels of some metals that are deep within the zeolite cage that cannot be removed – but these are also non-exchangeable and certainly less than you’d find in drinking water.

The author goes on to say that zeolite manufacturers have been “lying” to consumers. This is just not true. The tests for purity and particle size has always been readily available on the Waiora website. We have also always commented on the counter-intuitive concept that the product contains aluminum but is great at removing aluminum from the body. As stated previously – the aluminum in the zeolite is part of the cage and is not exchangeable. Any aluminum in the body that is available to the zeolite will be captured and removed – this has been proven in several clinical studies.

Mr. Adams also accuses manufacturers of “re-toxing” people by supplying them with heavy metals from the zeolite. This is a ridiculous accusation. In all of our trials, we actually blanked our machines against the NCD samples. This means that ANY metals the patients may have received from the zeolite and then excreted would have been discounted from the analysis. We only measured the additional excretion of heavy metals that could be caused by the use of NCD.

I’m frankly surprised that Mike Adams is acting like he would be unaware of any of these facts as he was an early adopter of the zeolite concept and wrote the definitive support article in support of NCD (http://www.naturalnews.com/015232_zeolite_zeolites.html) in 2005. He also knew that there were experts in the field that could have analyzed his data and corrected issues before publication of negative and inflammatory material.

Yes, there are substandard zeolite products in the market. But that’s true of any category of dietary supplement. The fact remains that Natural Cellular Defense has been used successfully by tens of thousands of people for nearly 10 years of use with amazing, reproducible results. We have also conducted several clinical studies and have published our data with peer-review.

Lastly – I posted this information to Mike Adams’ website as a comment on his blog and he did not approve it. That bodes poorly for someone that consistently states that they allow for a balanced conversation. In this case, he is not allowing for reasoned responses to his diatribe against zeolites.

It should also be pointed out that Mr. Adams, is a one-time supporter of Natural Cellular Defense (link to the article is above) and of zeolites. Recently, he launched a competitive zeolite product.

Thank you to all the users and supporters of Natural Cellular Defense. Many have tried to replicate this extraordinary product – and extraordinary results – but there is truly NO equal in the marketplace.

Yours truly,

Rik J. Deitsch

You may have heard about zeolite being used for decades to help mitigate radiation from nuclear power accidents. In addition to being used in the environment, it has proven to be highly effective in chelating heavy metals and other toxins when used internally. However, not all zeolites are created equal ~ not even close. One stands far SUPERIOR above the others.

NCD – Natural Cellular Defense by Waiora

Here’s an informative, short clip featuring NCD, the best zeolite available. It detoxifies heavy metals, viruses and bacteria. Watch HERE.

Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) is a revolutionary product that detoxes (chelates) heavy metals safely and easily. NCD is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe by the USFDA) and kids can take it too because it’s in liquid form and can be easily added to water and juice. Renown health expert Gabriel Cousens, M.D., thoroughly checked the science (including 14 studies, one of which was peer reviewed) on Natural Cellular Defense and stated, “NCD is the most important supplement you’ll ever take!”. It’s patented as an anti-cancer agent and, according to the patent “has a 100% kill rate within 72 hours against..epithelial cell cancers…85% of all cancers are epithelial.”

Key Benefits
  • Supports Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity.*
  • Plays a role in immune health modulation.*
  • Protects against free radical damage.*
  • Helps remove heavy metals and toxins.*
  • Promotes overall health and well-being.*
  • Helps balance body’s pH.*
  • Helps protect cells.*

Concise 11 minute presentation by the biochemist who developed Natural Cellular Defense, a MUST LISTEN.

NCD can be ordered though this website: READ MORE. Many people prefer NCD2, because it is 12 times the strength as original NCD, and is packaged in glass bottles.

Published RESEARCH supports that NCD does NOT have an affinity for detoxifying healthy minerals.

Now more than ever, wellness means seeking out food, herbs and nutritional supplements that can be used daily to help protect and support immunity. Which foods and supplements are the best to protect the immune system in these challenging times? How do we know that they are safe? One thing is clear: protecting health means protecting the immune system. It’s easy when you consider that if we’re weak and run down, we’re more prone to illness. When our immune system is strong and healthy, we’re the ones not calling in sick or even worse, contracting a serious disease.

Statistics from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute state that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the U.S. are being diagnosed with cancer. The Standard American Diet, or SAD diet, of poor quality and processed food, soda, combined with stress and environmental toxins are all part of the problem. Thankfully there are things we can do to work toward changing cancer’s devastating reality. Protecting the immune system on a daily basis is the best move we can make to get immediate results. Detoxification is key because when the body is detoxified it allows for homeostasis, or balance, to be restored.

The American Medical Association recently recommended that the US begin testing seafood for radiation, however the US currently has the highest allowable recommended levels for radiation for food in the world. This is a loophole that concerned citizens are addressing with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at www.FFAN.us, but the changes will take time. Until they happen and our food supply is better protected, we need to do more to protect ourselves. The National Academies of Science has stated that there are no safe levels of radiation.

So what can be done to protect our health? Many people like to do a cleanse or liver detox once or twice a year, some people choose to keep with the flow of seasons and detoxify accordingly. Detoxification used to mean undertaking a long program involving special shakes and replacing allergenic foods with non allergenic ones. That is still a very good thing to do, but sometimes it’s hard to begin on your own. To the contrary, it’s very easy to use Natural Cellular Defense.

Renown holistic health expert Gabriel Cousens, M.D., has written textbooks on nutrition. He thoroughly checked the science on Natural Cellular Defense (including 14 studies, one of which was peer reviewed) and stated, “NCD is the most important supplement you’ll ever take!” It’s patented as an anti-cancer agent and, according to the patent “has a 100% kill rate within 72 hours against..epithelial cell cancers…85% of all cancers are epithelial” READ MORE.

NCD is affordable because it’s sold word of mouth, by direct marketing. You won’t find it in stores because the company found that by not spending on advertising, savings would be passed on to the consumer. A health breakthrough this important should be shared by any means possible. NCD can be ordered though Waiora READ MORE.

Being informed is best, and taking action to protect our health is a good feeling!

Evidence that NCD does not leach healthy minerals:

Aside from the fact that the NCD contains added Calcium and Magnesium, there is ample evidence that clinoptilolite (the zeolite in NCD) has very little affinity for Calcium and Magnesium. The following is from the “NCD Report” that I authored a few years ago:

Whereas most chelating agents used for detoxification are non-specific, only relying on charge for binding potential, the clinoptilolite seems to be highly specific for the toxic heavy metals.

Research has shown that the smaller the diameter of the metal and the higher the charge of the metal, the greater the affinity it has for the activated liquid zeolite. Higher charges simply increase the strength of binding with higher binding characteristics. The small size allows for deeper access into the zeolite pores with more points of coordination (attachment). Larger atoms do not fit into the zeolite cage as well and so are more easily exchanged for higher-affinity metals. As an example of this phenomenon, arsenic has a charge of +3 and an atomic radius of
approximately 1.8 angstroms, while potassium has a charge of only +1 and an atomic radius of approximately 2.8 angstroms. The arsenic binds with very high affinity for the zeolite while the potassium has no affinity whatsoever.

The metals that are toxic to humans are toxic because they are smaller atoms that carry a higher positive charge and can easily displace the essential electrolytes, which tend to be larger and have less charge density. These essential ions are not essential because they are larger or “weaker”, they are essential because nature integrated them into human biochemistry – the size and charge of the essential metals integrate with the peptides, proteins and enzymes they are components of, allowing the biomolecules to fold properly and take on the form and function necessary to support life. The smaller, higher charged ions insert into these precisely folded peptides, proteins and enzymes, displace the essential metals and, simply because they are the wrong size and charge, change the 3-dimensional structure of the biomolecule which alters both form and function.

Size and charge, in this case, are simply circumstantial to activity. The zeolite in NCD preferentially binds smaller, more charge-dense ions. That is the primary characteristic for which it was selected for use in the product. Metals with a smaller size and a higher charge will bind with greater affinity for the zeolite. The smaller size allows for deeper penetration into the zeolite cage. Additionally, the smaller size allows for more points of coordination with the zeolite. In other words, more of the surface of a small atom will be held directly by the zeolite. The higher charge allows for a tighter bond simply because of charge-to-charge interactions.

Consider the example of refrigerator magnets to illustrate this point. A weak magnet will not stick well to the side of a refrigerator and will not even hold one piece of paper. This is like a metal with a low charge trying to be held by the high negative charge of the zeolite. A strong magnet can hold many pieces of paper to the refrigerator and is hard to remove because of its strong interaction. This is similar to a metal with a high positive charge that will bind very strongly to the high negative charge of the zeolite cage. As we stated previously, all of the metals that are good for us (magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc..) tend to be large with lower charges.

All of the metals that are toxic (mercury, lead, arsenic, etc..) tend to be smaller with higher positive charges. The clinoptilolite binds a variety of toxins. This includes heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, etc..), nitrosamines and others. Cationic exchange is an entirely passive process – when the zeolite is in close proximity to these high-affinity compounds, they will be drawn to the zeolite and either absorbed into the cage or adsorbed onto the surface of the zeolite. There is no chemical activity in this process. The zeolite will not be drawn to compounds in an effort to ‘rip’ metals away from them. In other words, the zeolite will not pull metals that are sequestered inside tissue or bone. If, on the other hand, the tissue has already released free metals into the
system, the zeolite will have the ability to trap and remove it.

~ Rik Deitsch – Waiora’s Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board and maker of Natural Cellular Defense (NCD)



NCD2 Liquid Zeolite
NCD2 Liquid Zeolite