Media Featuring RAPT Creators

Kimberly Roberson, NE,
and Libbe HaLevy, MA

Video and Audio

RAPT’s Kimberly Roberson and Libbe HaLevy discuss ways to best safeguard against radiation and other toxic exposures in our air, food and water.  Positive Spin” is a news and public affairs television program that promotes positive, innovative and solution oriented news from around the world.

“Hydros Fear” with Libbe Halevy

Libbe HaLevy, Producer of the internationally syndicated Nuclear Hotseat, interviews Kimberly Roberson about the Radiation Awareness Protection Talk (RAPT) Audio Program

June 3, 2016, Kimberly Roberson featured on S.L.O.P.E., talking about RAPT and more.  Lisa Wolf’s solution-oriented program and energy are refreshing.

Libbe HaLevy on Feb. 10, 2016, KPFA’s Guns and Butter  – “We’re All in the Nuclear Hotseat”

Nuclear Hotseat #240:  Holistic Health Protocols
Libbe HaLevy interviews Kimberly Roberson about RAPT and health protection protocols to protect from radiation exposure.