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Congratulations! By signing up for the RAPT free report on radiation dangers and what to do about them, you obviously understand the need to take the best possible steps to guard against the negative effects of nuclear radiation. and signing up for this free report from RAPT – Radiation Awareness Protection Talk.

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Radiation releases from Fukushima and more nuclear accidents are invisibly contaminating our air, food, water, even the air we breathe. Rather than stand by helpless, there are things we can do to protect ourselves and our families from radiation and toxins.  Click HERE for your Free Special Report! 

The truth is that Fukushima continues to release huge amounts of radiation into the biosphere and is traveling via air and the ocean to the US and throughout the northern hemisphere.  In fact there have been reports of radiation affecting the southern hemisphere as well.  The situation is getting much worse, not better.  Exposure to radiation causes cancer, and the BEIR IV report unequivocally states that there is a direct link between radiation and cancer and that there are NO safe levels of radiation.

In addition to seemingly random nuclear accidents and catastrophes, most people don’t realize that routine emissions (termed “batch releases”) are an inherent and planned function of nuclear power generation.  With nearly 100 operating nuclear reactors in the US and more than 400 worldwide, this radiation poses a significant risk IN ADDITION TO the dangers of operating a nuclear plant and the nuclear fuel cycle in general. More to be found here at